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Get to know Dan and Sam

Dan Gottesman is a luxury real estate broker of the highest order. After decades as a developer, entrepreneur, and realtor he’s learned a few things. But there are some important things you don’t know about Dan. He has a penchant for wearing cool hats, hip shoes, and the occasional scarf. You don’t want to bet against him in golf, though his only hole-in-one came in the form of a shanked 8 iron that accidentally rolled in. Dan sneezes in threes. Loudly. He prefers a vodka martini but has never said no to Rose. Dan likes sardines for lunch.

Sam Chapin loves the action in real estate: the research, the analysis, the tours, the negotiation — all of it. Sam’s legal experience coupled with his background in real estate translates to the highest level of client service. A few more things about Sam: He plays guitar but can only entertain drunks and 6 year-olds. He still shoots a hook shot, and he once convinced Michael Jordan they had played hoops together (they hadn’t). No one enjoys a toast more than Sam, and he’s been known to walk on a dinner table without breaking a glass to deliver one. It took Sam 17 Negronis over 5 years before he realized what he was missing. Oh yeah, and Sam also likes sardines.

Gottesman Chapin Mission

We will negotiate the best price for our clients whether buying or selling. We are professional, ethical, and customer-focused. We understand local markets. Whether you are looking for a home, a rental house, or a commercial property, we can execute.

We grew up here. Live here. Know here.

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Tema Burkey

Fatema ("Tema") joined the Gottesman Chapin Group in 2019.

Tema is a lawyer, licensed in both Washington and Pennsylvania and has spent the last 15 years negotiating complex deals. But let’s be honest, Tema was glad to trade her briefcase and billable hours for Jimmy Choos and fill-in-the-blanks contracts. Tema enjoys the collaborative aspect of real estate. Turns out it's easy to make friends when you’re not deposing them…Who knew? Some fun facts about Tema: She played Helena in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in high school, knows every French curse word, and can recite all fifty states in alphabetical order -- in song and on demand. That’s not weird at all.

gottesman chapin group sarah rowe

Sarah Rowe

Sarah joined the Gottesman Chapin Group in 2019.

Sarah’s life has been laser-focused on “home,” whether through real estate purchases, interior design, or mass-producing hot loaves of bread with melted Cheese curds inside. That’s right, cheese curds. Sarah famously interrupted Tiger Woods' concentration at the 2009 U.S. Open by slurping beer too loudly. She has run multiple marathons, but prefers to play only 9 holes of golf. Once afraid to ski moguls, Sarah now refers to herself as the “bump b****”. Roadkill disgusts her so much she’ll drive a different route to avoid it, but she loves a good steak.


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